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Qiu Yu 邱宇

Personal informaiton

Position: Professor @
Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University
Email: yu.qiu@bath.edu
Address: Jingzhai 320
Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, China

Research interest:

My research interests lie in the intersection between algebras, topology and geometry, with motivation coming from mathematical physics, e.g. (homological) mirror symmetry. In particular, I study things like Bridgeland’s stability conditions on triangulated categories, quivers with superpotentials, Calabi-Yau/Fukaya categories, braid groups, cluster theory, quadratic differentials, etc.



25 Contractible flow of stability conditions via global dimension function.

24 Graded decorated marked surfaces: Calabi-Yau-X categories of gentle algebras, with Akishi Ikeda and Yu Zhou,

23 Contractibility of space of stability conditions on the projective plane via global dimension function, with Yu-Wei Fan, Chunyi Li, and Wanmin Liu,

22 q-Stability conditions via q-quadratic differentials, with Akishi Ikeda,

21 q-Stability conditions on Calabi-Yau-X categories and twisted periods, with Akishi IKeda,

20 Global dimension function, Gepner equations and $q$-stability conditions,

19 Frobenius morphisms and stability conditions, with W. Chang,


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  4. Stability conditions and quantum dilogarithm identities for Dynkin quivers,
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  5. Tagged maing class group: Auslander-Reiten translations, with T. Brustle,
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  6. C-sortable words as green mutation sequences,
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  7. Decorated marked surfaces: Spherical twists versus braid twists,
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  15. Finite presentations for spherical/braid twist groups, with Yu Zhou,
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  16. Stability conditions and A2 quivers, with Tom Bridgeland and Tom Sutherland,
    Adv. Math. 365 (2020), 107049. (arXiv:1406.2566)


17 Topological structure of spaces of stability conditions and top. Fukaya type categories,
Proceeding of First Annual Meeting of ICCM. (arXiv:1806.00010)

18 Decorated Marked Surfaces: Calabi-Yau categories and related topics,
Proceeding of the 51st Symposium on Ring Theory and Rep. Theory, 129–134, Symp. Ring Theory Represent. Theory Organ. Comm., Shizuoka, 2019. (arXiv:1812.00008)

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